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FITs/Individual Tours

We love spoiling our group travelers... but we also like designing tours for more independent explorers. And we are actually pretty good at it!

We offer a variety of FIT services catered to agents that need support in: 

* buying pre-packaged itineraries

* booking hotels, excursions and services

* designing customized itineraries from scratch

Discover our Fly&Drives

Our Fly&Drives are pre-packaged itineraries designed with the travelers in mind; whether these be families, groups of friends, solo travelers or more experienced explorers. 

They are bookable throughout the year at a guaranteed rate. You select the date, we book the land portion for you and our mutual guests will be able to enjoy their independent trip by driving from one destination to another.

Book excursions and sightseeing activities to make their trip unforgettable!

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XML connectivity

We allow XML connectivity which will give you access to our entire database of FIT services: accommodations (hotels, ranches, special accommodation, etc.), sightseeing activities, excursions, transportation services and our Fly & Drives. 

If you wish to learn more about our inventory and would like to get access to our API documentation, please contact us and our tech team will be happy to discuss the connectivity details.

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